Saturday, May 30, 2009


You all know what an Aguacate is: Avocado.

Here is a classical children´s riddle for my bilingual speaking audience (answer at the end of the post):

Agua pasa por mi casa,
cate de mi corazón?

Aguacate trees are commonly found in Guatemalan house the one below is one that flow over from the neighbors house into my parents house. Unfortunately they really are not that good, they are 'pitudos', 'stringy'.

The picture below is of a special tree. This house, now Ceci´s and Fredy`s, was once home to us, this was probably my favorite house after the one in Baldwin City KS. As you can see aguacate trees are also good for climbing.

How to make Guacamol:

What I consider the Guatemalan guacamol is.

Add to the aguacate:
Juice of lime (we call it limón)
Oregano, fresh or dry

Hint: For kids snack serve on a tostada sprinkled with dry queso cotija (sold at walmart and other local stores)

PS. Answer to the riddle: El Aguacate.

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Luis FIGUEROA said...

Wow!! Como me estoy gozando esta serie. Je je.

Unknown said...

En Guatemala Cuenta la leyenda: que si una mujer se sube al palo de aguacate este deja de dar mas aguacates. la verdad sera cierto]