Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This week is Teacher's Appreciation Week in the US but not yet in Guatemala. In Guatemala EL DIA DEL MAESTRO was celebrated from 1935 to 1939 on the 28th of February, then from 1940 to 1952 on the 29th of June and now  since 1953 on the 25th of June (You have to remember schools in Guatemala go from January to October).

Why the 25th of June? A lot of things in Guatemala are marked, as you will discover getting to know more of Guatemala, by somber history or stories. That is the case of this holiday which commemorates the assassination of Maria Chinchilla (born in Jutiapa September 2nd, 1909) during a teachers protest against the Dictator Jorge Ubico.

"This was the last act of a process that had been developed during various months. In June of that year [1944] there had been several protests and social demands to force a change in the political stage. Amongst the most significant  activities was the teacher's  and women's protest on June 25th which had a tragic toll with the death of the teacher Maria Chinchilla who was wounded by disperse shots from the regime troops."  Compendio de Historia de Guatemala 1944-2000

I am writing this post today for our wonderful teacher Miss Deb Sudbeck who helps us stay on task on  this wonderful gift of homeschooling. THANK YOU MISS DEB!!!!

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Hi! Wanted to stop and see you after "coffee chat!" I will be stopping by more often now that I know where you are.

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