Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A couple of weekends ago we were lucky to be able to participate in a painting contest sponsored by the Faber Castell Boutique and the Art Gallery Arthis that took place at the new mall Plaza Fontabella. The contest was also a fund raiser for the organization Asociación FARES.

A big highlight of the event was the participation of three prominent guatemalan artist who came to encourage and give some artistic insight to the children.

Elmar Rene Rojas: Elmar Rene Rojas was born in San Raimundo in 1937. His art has earned many awards for Guatemala. Founder of "Grupo Vertebra" which, in the era of the 60's participated artistically in the country's activities. He is one of Guatemala's great magic realists. There is luminous magic in his themes, in his themes, in his state of mind so vividly expressed; interior spaces, silent emotions, lyrical manifestations, illuminated atmospheres. 
Because he is also an architect, he reconstructs through his art, making his flowers, landscapes, fruit, magic and thoughts all understandable. Fruits of eternal spring, colors and colors. Schematic configuration condensed, achieved through transparencies. "my characters resemble each other, but are not alike. My spaces have abstract characteristics..." His works have only one purpose, that of analyzing the truth, the honest world. The characters in his art for rational expression, through a reverse technique: from the inside out; truths extracted from intimacy. -www.artintheamericas.com

Edwin Guillermo Erwin Guillermo was born in Guatemala City in 1951. He is actually one of the best representatives of Guatemalan Art.
His style: expressionist, figurative, and symbolic glows in themes such as, traditions, politics, festivities, popular icons,social contradictions; like anguish, despair, and love. Colorful works where fruits, animals, the exuberance of the Guatemalan Tropics, and a particularly stylized sensuality of the human figure, mesh to transmit emotions and establish a dialogue between spectator and the artist. He lives and works in Guatemala City and studied art at The National School of Arts.  He has shown internationally in places such as Germany, London, Taiwan, New York, San Antonio; Texas, Mexico, and Central America. He has also received numerous prizes, awards and distinctions for his work. www.artintheamericas.com

Cesar Izquierdo Born in 1937 in Santa Cruz del Quiche. His worked has been admired in all Central America, Mexico, US, South America and Europe. Izquierdo's inspiration is based in the human being,  "The human being is the essence of the world, particullarly women. Women have in their composition all the beauty that can be found in nature."

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Nancy said...

¿Cuánto tiempo tenía de no poder entrar a tu blog? Mira todo lo que me había perdido.
Es un gran honor que hayan compartido con artistas de la talla de Elmar Rojas, Erwin Guillermo y César Iquierdo, tres grandes de la plástica nacional. Felicidades.