THIS BLOG is the description of my country, Guatemala. A description of its people, its traditions, its folklore, its food, etc. The inspiration came from the desire my friend and her two adoptive children from Guatemala a source to explore the roots. I am writing this for her, for her beautiful children and for all the many other American families like hers.

THE NAME, Guatemalan Genes, I did quite a bit of thinking to decide on a name. Adoptive children are no less American in their ways, culture, education, etc than any other kid down the road and that is something to be appreciated and respected. Objectively the minuscule difference and the only missing link are the genes. Guatemalan Genes far from trying to force an appreciation for Guatemala wants only to be an answer to possible curiosity of those with Guatemalan Genes.
Also being one that loves words I like the homophone genes and jeans, since we identify jeans with the US!

TAKING OFF, it started with a blog and now I feel it can be so much more: I am excited about giving online workshops. Other ideas I am working on are having a guatemalangenes list of resources and reviews, having a store with non traditional Guatemalan items, I have even thought of some day down the road be able to offer a Guatemalan Camp in Guatemala! WHAT DO YOU WANT?

ME, I am a hard core Guatemalan who never thought would marry an American and then become a hard core American. The same awe is probably experienced by my ex husband, a Swedish descendant American, who never thought his kids would call him "papi". We have three fantastic children (one adopted and two biological) all three born in Guatemala. We did a 'tour' to the US for 6 years, lived in Baldwin City Kansas, Lyons and Longmont Colorado. We are now in Guatemala I started another chapter in my life and with the girls and my partner are raising Cooper, a baby boy who I had at 43! 

Please feel free to share this blog. Do comment, it is great to know about you!