Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss Independence and Miss Monja Blanca

At zona 18 an Independence day parade from Escuela La Esperanza. Band, floats, ballons, flags.
Yosselyn, on the right, is Miss Monja blanca.
Not to sadden the day but let me tell you about her: I met her during campaign because we couldn't help noticing her skin problems. We started helping her with doctors and medicine and as we find out more we meet her sweet but illiterate mom, her brother who is 10 on first grade because on his mom's words his brain didn't ripen well and her older unemployed brother. I just talked to her frustrated teacher and principal to see if we could meet. With not a lot of hope they agreed. We shall meet next.
Ok now we are off with my girls to eat crepes at Oakland Mall... (Yes I am being sarcastic -but we are going-)

Hmmm Happy Birthday Guatemala... Birthday wish: Health and Education for EVERYONE.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Election day!

Election post open a 7am but logistics, observers, etc already there.
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