Thursday, May 21, 2009


There is golfing in Guatemala,  gorgeous golfing if I may add. To those of you who have been to Guatemala you can only imagine the settings of the golf courses. 

Our friends Fredy and Ceci are the ones who inducted us into Guatemalan Golf. Fredy is a former president of the Alta Vista Golf an Tennis Club Members Association and one of Guatemala's best golfers (for his age, jijiji - just kidding Fredy!) Fredy is also, as far as I am concern, the best Pediatrician in Guatemala.

Back to the golfing, the mayor Golf Courses are:

Hacienda Nueva Country Club in San José Pinula
Mayan Golf Club in Amatitlán
Country Club Guatemala in Guatemala City
Club Campestre San Isidro in Guatemala City

We have played in Alta Vista and San Isidro, both gorgeous. Alta Vista is all nature landscapes and San Isidro has some outstanding views of the city. I have not golfed in Hacienda Nueva but have attended several events there. For the tourist this might be the most attractive since its arquitecture is Spanish inspired.

Below are some pictures of Alta Vista since it is the one we were members of and we still attend sporadically.  The Club house; Nicole taking golf lessons; Ceci, Tom, my dad and I attempting to play!


Nancy said...

No entiendo nada de golf, siempre me pareció algo aburrido. Pero es siempre hermoso ver todo ese horizonte verde.

Valerie said...

It's a good thing my husband didn't know about those courses while we where in Guatemala in '05 and '08, he probably would of spent his entire time there.