Friday, May 8, 2009


These are the geckos that live in my parents house in Guatemala City. You don´t see them that often but you know they are there because of their loud distinctive sound.

It happened about two years ago that my parents started hearing a loud, a mix of hissing and stomping, sound. To give you an idea of the sound they started looking in the yard for an animal the size of a rabbit at least. Nothing turned out until one day some friends came over for dinner and our friend Jorge heard the sound. Jorge used to work directing a construction  crew in the tropical area along the pacific coast and immediately identified the sound to a gecko. Once we knew what to look for my parents were finally able to start spotting them. They are sneaky fellows!

Later we learned that they have been heard in neighboring houses. My dad sustains that they brought the first one(s) as stowaways on a trip they made to a friends ranch on the region the geckos are native to, but the neighbors claim it was them who introduced the species on a trip they made to participate in a triathlon along the coast.

However the story went, what we know is that we are all giving room and board to  them and in return they are eating mosquitos and other small bugs for us.


Nancy said...

Ay, Cinthya, hoy sí me está costando tu blog. Voy a desempolvar mi diccionario Inglés-Español

Carrie said...

I really enjoyed your blog! I adopted my daughter from Guatemala last summer. She is from San Lucas Tolimon Solola - hope I spelled all that correctly! She is 22 months old and the love of my life!