Friday, May 8, 2009


EL DIA DE LA SANTA CRUZ Y EL DIA DEL ALBAÑIL are celebrated in Guatemala on the 3rd of May. 

The day of the cross is a Spanish-Catholic tradition that started  on the 16th century and was brought to America by the conquistadors, therefore celebrated in Spain and countries conquered by Spain. This celebration includes decorations of crosses and processions. 

When it comes to procession, you know Guatemala will have them! The most relevant one takes place in  Lake  Amatitlán (not Atitlán), 29 Kms south of the city. The procession is a very unique one since it travels on the water and is accompanied by people on boats.

In Guatemala and México de Day of the Cross is mostly brought to mind by the linked celebration of the Construction Worker. The construction workers mark the day building and decorating a cross which they display at the construction site during the coming  week. 

Altar in Boulervard Los Proceres, Guatemala City

Cross on a construction site in Pamplona, Guatemala City.
A smaller construction site in Guatemala City

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