Saturday, May 30, 2009


A Chico is a fresh, sweat, meaty and somewhat grainy fruit, maybe the consistency of kiwi but not citrusy. The peel is a little rough, but not to thick, thicker than a kiwi, thiner than avocado.

The CHICO ZAPOTE can be seddless, meatier, less grainy and less juicy. The mayan name is Sak-ya and the tree bark is the substance Thomas Adams turned into chewing gum back in 1869.

Every time I eat them they make me think of Los Chicos. This was a group of 4 kids equivalent to the Jonas Brother craze when I was growing up. They came to Guatemala once and my mom took my friends and I to see them. We screamed, cried and sang at top of our lungs with them. You might recognize one the band members: Chayanne.

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Nancy said...

Qué bonitos recuerdos... y qué original entrada.

Arena Mom said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog! I found yours awhile back and lost site of it. Glad I found you again! Your blog is amazing and so very very helpful!!! Keep it up!!!!

If you are taking ideas for posts, I would selfishly love to hear if you have any commentary on El Salvador (ie, if you have been there, etc) to learn more and compare and contrast it to GT. My daughter was born in GT, but to Salvadorans who live in ES.

Guatemalan Genes said...

I will! I have tons of pictures and stories of ES (not as many as Guatemala) because I have been doing some work there. Last year I traveled there once a week for 4 months!!

There is a story already of ES in my blog. Follow this link:

The post has a link to an article I wrote and it tells about a fair in Aguachapan, El Salvador.

Luis FIGUEROA said...

¡My favorite fruit among them all!