Friday, July 17, 2009

N is for NANCE

N is for nance. Nance is a very small fruit, just over the size of a marble. Half of the fruit is its pit so to me even though I like the taste they are a bore to eat. The texture is very 'meaty', with a different flavor is like and olive, it has that texture and you have to work it off the pit.

You can eat it raw or en dulce (in syrup). It can be purchased fresh in the market or in a jar in the supermarket, you might be able to get them in the US at the Mexican stores. The childhood memory I have of nances is a glass gallon bottle filled with nances, sugar and distilled rum fermenting for a year to make nance liqueur. (I do have to say for my parents sake, who are reader of this blog that that is a very out of character memory to have of the family)

You can also make your own fruit bars out of it. Those ones I would recommend to start with a milk base nance smothie and then freeze. Using the nances in a jar would make it easier to work the pit off. The ice cream in the picture is not a bar but a sombrilla (umbrella). This one I bought at an Helados Sombrella kiosk but you can find this type of fruit ice cream (very folkloric kind) at most corner store in neighborhoods. They are made with aluminum molds sold at markets or supermakets and with a rough wooden stick.

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Nancy said...

Holaaaaa Cynthia, al fin he vueltoooo y por lo visto me había perdido de tantos posts deliciosos, mmmmmmm
Bueee, no he vuelto del todo, ando sin tiempo y con conexión por un ratito.
La N es de Nancy, jajaja. Los nicaragüenses me decían nancite, que es con el nombre que conocen al delicioso nance.
Me encanta el mamey, las moras y todas las otras letras.
saluditos y apapachos

Adina said...

Very interesting, a fruit I knew very little about before your post.