Friday, June 19, 2009

G is for GUANABA

Guanaba is soursop and apprently as I was reading the correct name is guanabana from the tahitian wanaban, and in Guatemala we have incorrectly perpetuated the name Guanaba. For practical reasons, to me, it will still be guanaba becuase I don´t think I will get to far asking for guanabana at the market!

The Guanaba is usually used to make fresco de guanaba or helado de guanaba. As you can see in the picture it has a squidish texture, which sounds bad but its flavor is really fantastic.

To prepare fresco de guanaba, add water and sugar to taste, place in the blender and ready!

The Guanaba ice cream always makes me think of my dad since he was the one who taught me to enjoy it. Below a picture of Helados Gloria in the Centro Comercial Miraflores. The guanaba ice cream is on the closest row the second from left to right, between mora and mandarina!

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Nancy said...

¡Ehhhhh! Esta sí es un verdadero manjar de dioses.