Sunday, October 11, 2009

Z is for ZAPOTE

Zapote is spelled with Z in Central America and with S in Mexico and South America. I am glad because I wanted to blog about something more interesting than zanahoria when I got to Z.

The Zapote texture is like cutting into a refrigerated pumpkin pie. The texture is like you were having natures guilt free fudge.

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Nancy said...

No soy muy fan del zapote, pero de vez en cuando se me antoja... como hoy, gracias a tu post.

La Vivi said...

I can beleive it!... Nancy always beats me to the comments. I gess we both love your blog. I don't like zapote either, but I like everything you write. You know my dad worked for many, many years @ the finca "EL Zapote", owned by the Castillo Family, I had my Quiceanera Mass @ Santa Delfina and went to college @ Mariano Galvez. I never knew if there was any zapote trees there. He worked for the bottling company called SAlvavidas S.A. but everybody called it La cerveceria. Sorry I got out of the theme, but I know if someone can find out anything about Guatemala is YOU.

Mama Bear said...

Very interesting, never tried it but it sound very interesting.