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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

K is for KUTAN

Kutan is the Quiche word for blackberry, the fruit not the phone. Blackberry grows leisurely in Guatemala.

In our 2003 house we used to have a blackberry bush, we had to compete with the birds for the fruit. During the season it was fun to eat them from the bush to the cereal bowl.

The Moras bought at a farmers market are sometimes smaller and typically harder in texture and less juicy and plushy in sight than the ones typically seen in the supermarkets in the US, I find them more bitter as well, if you ask me they are less "treated" than the one that go to the international market. People use them frequently to have as Fresco de Mora, mora drink: water, sugar and mora. The consistency is a lot runnier than a smoothie.

Helados de Mora

In a blender place the mora, kutan, with water and sugar. Place in ice cream molds. Enjoy delicious mora bars.

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