Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been out enjoying summer with the family.... hikes, pool, fireworks, etc. Also like we say in Guatemala "GRACIAS A DIOS" (and I mean it) work is going well and we have been busy.

I am posting today new letters of the alphabet and have many post on the works. Thank you for commenting on past posts during this last week, I owe a couple of answers to some questions you sent, I will get to them! Thank you again for all your kind words about the blog and Guatemala!


PS. Gracias a Dios is a common expression used with almost every positive affirmation, although I do believe everything is thanks to him, sometimes it feels overrated I have made a point to myself to mean it when I say it:
Como estas? Bien, Gracias a Dios.
How are you? Well, Gracias a Dios.
Que tal los ninos? Pues, Gracias a Dios bien.
How are the kids? Gracias a Dios, well.
A donde se van de vacaciones? Nos fue bien en el trabajo asi que Gracias a Dios nos vamos a Disney.
Where are you going on vacation? We did well at work so Gracias a Dios we will managed to go to Disney.

If you don't say it then the other person will:
- Como estas? -Bien -Que bueno, Gracias a Dios!
-How are you? -Well -Good, Gracias a Dios!

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