Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was anxiously waiting to write about the letter L becuase L is for limón and L is for Lima (lemons and lime) and this is a point of contingency in my marriage.

When I ask Tom to bring lemons I expect him to bring what in the US is known as lime. When you order a lemonade in Guatemala you will be getting a "limade" (in the US I have only been able to get them at Sheridan's Frozen Custard).

Lime on the other hand to me evokes a different concept, there is another citrus fruit sold in Guatemala called Lima, it has a bland flavor, not sour like lemons, not sweet like oranges. People eat it as you would an orange, or make juice out of it. Inside is pale yellow and the size is about that one of an orange. (see picture of halved lima)

The yellow lemon, on the other hand, is refered to as limon italiano, growing up I hadn't seen one until my parents took me to Italy and we got the limoncello tour in Sorrento! Nowadays you can find it in supermarkets but not very often in farmer markets.

My friend/cousin Jorge tells me his grandma used to say the lima was given to dying patients since it was of easy digestion and good for keeping patients hydrated.

Below the picture of the lemon tree in my parent's backyard. When it is 'epoca de limones' we have enough to give away to friends and to make lemon ice cubes for future use.

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Mama Bear said...

wow, how awesome to have that in your parents back yard. Too cool. Thanks for sharing the information.
I always learn so much reading your blog. Thanks

Guatemalan Genes said...

Thanks Rhonda! There is a hispanic comedian that makes fun of us hispanics and in one of the routines he was saying that in California you could recognize a hispanic household because it was the one with the lemon tree in the backyard, so I just had to laugh!

Bumpy Belly said...

Haha we've had the same confusion over limon vs. lemon in my fiance's family!

Zarek said...

Thanks for educating me on the names of the yellow and green "lemmons"

Armanda said...

Hola,sí, la lima y hay también limalimón,no tiene la chichita y la piel es lisa, tan sabrosa como la lima. Mi mamá me decía que a los moribundos se les daba jugo de lima para que su partida fuera rápida, pues el jugo de lima baja la presión. Gracias por tus informaciones.