Monday, June 22, 2009


I am not sure how interesting this might be to you my reader! Going through pictures Megan suggested to share a little bit about what we do: Other than blogging about Guatemala, we also teach English in Guatemala. The characters in the picture are the ones that appear in the Kids Vision Series, developed by Tom and I, targeted to children 4 to 1o years old.

In the picture Cynthia, Tom, Alex, Nicole an Megan (our family); Juanita, Anibal and Gorvi (my parents and their dog); Amanda and Clark (cousins, also in real life); Sam and Ranger (a best friend´s son and the name of his dog in real life); Miss Jo (inspired by JoRene Tom´s mom); Jimmy (the name inspired by Tom´s dad who used to work with the blind); Andy (a made up character with the name of our friend Andony).

The series includes, text books, work books, flashcards, puppets, song books, CD´s, DVD´s, exams, teacher guide´s, etc for 7 levels of English divided in 3 modules each.

Below some picture of students using our program in  Jutiapa, Peten and El Salvador, respectively.


Dawn said...

I have lurked here and enjoyed the pictures and writing so much! I am wondering if the Kids Vision materials are available to purchase? We are adopting an 11 and 9 year old from Guatemala and this would be something I am interested in looking at to help them learn English.

Nancy said...

Ay Cynthia, cuánto lamento no haber llegado a tiempo ayer para conocerte, era muy difícil. Per qué interesante. Me gustaría saber mucho más, ya sabes, shute que es uno. Te deseo muchs éxitos.

Mama Bear said...

Do you sell this only to the schools? Great program.