Friday, June 19, 2009

Talking about the letter G

G is also por Gauchitos. Los Gauchitos is a street cart type food that sells the infamous "Choripan", a sandwich with a chorizo patty, chimuchurri and a secret sauce.

The Choripan started in the 80's and made a big boom with funny TV ads of people asking for a Choripan, inmortilizing the expression with phrases that became part of colloquial speech like "Yo tambien quiero un choripan" "Como quieras, donde quieras y con quien quieras".

Recently I took Nicole to eat her first Choripan ever.

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Arena Mom said...

Those sound awesome. Do you know if they have them in the States anywhere?

Guatemalan Genes said...

Not that I know of, but I wouldn't be surprised if they can be found in downtown LA!

Nancy said...

No recordaba ese anuncio, Cinthya. Me hiciste recordar muchas cosas. Vas a decir que soy una gran melindrosa, ajajajaja, pero es que tampoco me gustan los choripanes. No entendí si le gustó a tu nena.