Friday, June 5, 2009


Flor de Izote is Yucca (not to be confused with yuca). I have seen it a lot through out Kansas and Colorado. Because of the winter it does not grow to be a big tree like it can in Guatemala. My in laws have one at their house in Kansas, we tried to persuade them to let us prepare it, we had no success. They were too leery about it.

The flor de izote is an easy to maintain plant, many people have a tree they can consume from, if that is not the case you can buy it at the market or if you are lucky, like us, someone will bring you a bunch: Doña Delfina, the lady who helps us with the house chores, has a Flor de Izote tree at her house and brought us some!


You can eat the flower and the pistil, but separately!

Eating the flowers:

Cook them in water for about 4 minutes.
Mix them with egg, bread crumbs and salt
Make patties

Eating the pistils:

Cook them in water for about 10 minutes
Put them in a jar with vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper
Leave in the refrigerator to pickle

Interesting fact: the Flor de Izote is the national flower of El Salvador.

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Arena Mom said...

What a great post, I love it! I am glad you clarified yucca too. I would have thought of the other "yuca". Thanks so much for the tid-bits on ES!!!! Keep them coming when you can:)

Unknown said...

I'm a Salvadorean my self and proud to be I have to add no disrespect but funny to say that we eat our national flower.

Luis FIGUEROA said...

Flor de izote is truly Bocatto di cardinale. Utterly delicious. Try it with chicken, on pizza, and in egg tortilla.

Claudia said...

I just found this post while searching for izote recipes. Do you have a recipe for tamales de izote? very curious to try them! Gracias, Claudia

Claudia said...

Also, is this the same flower as loroco?