Sunday, July 22, 2012

Four in a motorcycle

On a Sunday the whole family jumps on the motorcycle to make a MacDonald's run. This is a clear example of what many Guatemalan choose to do everyday to to a lack of a safe and functional public tranportation system.


Don and Linda said...

Just found your site. I'll definitely bookmark it and return often.

While "four on a motorcycle" might point out the lack of of a functional public transportation system, it also points out the lack of widespread private automobile ownership.

Many communities in the U.S. lack a functional public transportation system. People just jump in their car and drive to the fast food place.

If anything, it also points out the determination of the Guatemalan people to make things work for themselves, no matter how limiting the system might be.

Guatemalan Genes said...

Agreed! Not to mention lack of law enforcement and lack of consciousness of safety. There are so many other "unsafe" things that are around you that you start loosening your sense of prudence.... Compared to living in a gang ruled neighborhood all of a sudden this four in a bike seem pretty safe!!