Thursday, December 10, 2009


Born in Villaflor, Canary Islands March 19,1651. Arrived in Guatemala in 1651 at 25 years of age. He entered the order of 4 St. Francis and died April 25, 1667.
He sanctified his life exercising charity at heroic dimensions. Founded a Hospital for the poor. During the night he paced the streets of Antigua with a small bell repiting: Remember brothers, that only one soul we owe and if we shall loose it we will never gain it back.

St. Peter Betancur was raised to the altars the 31st of July, 2002. His tomb is at the church of San Francisco in Antigua Guatemala.

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La Vivi said...

I love how inspiring his life was, and how we have been listening to this stories since chilhood.A true servant and saint.