Friday, December 4, 2009


Do you remember the book Canche Peroles? The one I wrote about in a previous post.

The second book of the trilogy is out, the name is Nariz de Frijoles. Canche Peroles, Nariz de Frijoles is an expression meaning you are blond but you are still a bean eater. Blond with beans on your nose. El Canche, who managed to changed his life in the dumpster to a successful life and an Architect and family man, now adopts Danilo a boy like the one he used to be. The novel describes the struggles to find identity and teaches us to dream and to put those dreams in prospective.

You can find more information on Ruben and his work here.

I have to brag that in the last page there is a special thanks to yours truly!

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La Vivi said...
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La Vivi said...

Hi Cynthia, Congratulations to you and your friend Ruben. I'll ask Nancy to buy the trilogy for me. I see you are back to posting more often. I missed you.

Guatemalan Genes said...

Thanks Vivi.
Yes I am back, last month was hectic with the move from the US to GT, but now I am here to stay!