Thursday, December 3, 2009


At the end of the post there is an open question I would appreciate you could answer.

In 2003 we moved from Guatemala to the US, those 6 years have changed me forever in terms of broadening my vision of things, particularly the understanding of the beautiful and enriching similarities and differences amongst cultures.

For some reason a good number of my dearest American friends are families with adopted children either from my country or other countries. We surrounded ourselves in general with worldly people from whom we could learn and with whom I could share my heritage, making a point on the fact that we are Guatemalan not Mexicans (not that there is anything wrong with Mexicans.) :)

For the last year we´ve been off and on in the US, kind of between countries, but as of 3 weeks ago we are oficially back in Guatemala where I truly believe I belong! I am excited to be here because I feel and know I can make a difference in my country. I been blessed with being privileged with education and a comfortable social and economical status for Guatemalan standards, hence I feel extremely responsible to promote the change that Guatemala needs through my work and maybe even political participation.

Currently I am involved in a Masters Program in Guatemala and with my group we have decided to present as a final project a Plan called Guatemala Te Quiere (the name is open for suggestions) the Vision is to be a second home to our adopted children.

The service that Americans and other foreign nationals have done to Guatemala by adopting less fortunate children is beyond many people's notion and deserves attention. The project Guatemala Te Quiere will have an awareness component for the locals and an array of resources, services and service opportunities to the adoptive families.

I want to ask for your help: Please make a wish list of resources, services, travel experiences, cultural events in the US outside the US, stores, service opportunities, cultural exchanges, etc, you would wish you could have access to. If you so decide, also comment on what are issues that worry you or stop you from traveling back to Guatemala. Concerns about your child's feeling etc.


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Deb said...

I am not sure this is exactly what you are looking for:
When I go back to Guatemala, what I am most looking for is, is a safe way to interact with Bug's foster family and share his culture. It is not that being the foster family is unsafe, just hte opposite in fact. But, our choices seem to be limited in terms of activites given Bug's age, hesitation in new situations and locations close to the city. The fostr fmaily offer to take us to lake Aitialan last time we visited, but I was uncomfortable making the drive in 2 cars, mostly because I was not sure of the roads we would take. So knowing that we could travel to various places and be safe and having a way to share the cost with the foster family (they want to help with our travel costs) without embarassing them.

I would also like to know what else is there for Bug.

But most of all, I want to see Guatemala and to experience the land the culture, the people and the life there.

Love and hugs,

Kim & Dave said...

The thing that keeps us from going back to GT the most is really the expense. I think we felt pretty comfortable/safe while we were there most of the time.

We stayed in a Guatemalan home the first time we visited on our first GT adoption, & I would love to know of a few more options of that sort, if there are ones like that available.

I wish we had a way to easily get more Guatemalan clothing-the kids are outgrowing everything.

I LOVE your blog-it's such a neat glimpse into our children's heritage.

We want to go back so badly, but there just are not the funds to do that right now. I would love to visit the foster family once a year or so.

Is this the kind of info you wanted? I could ramble on forever-I have grown to love Guatemala, the people & the wonderfully diverse culture!

Lilysmom said...

I am with Kim for my family it is an expense issue and not a lack of desire to return. I felt very safe while traveling in GT and loved Antigua and am so happy we chose to visit. I think that I would love a resource for service projects in GT that are really making a difference. It is a desire of mine to give something back to the country that gave me so much and then to travel with my daughter when she is older and do the same. There are so many organizations out there it is hard to narrow it down. I also love your blog and am excited every time you post something new. Thank you

Deb said...

I tought some more abou this and have the additional items:

1. I like to get off the beaten path- to see te real lives, not the tourist tngs- the cleaned up versions.

2. I would like to know what ways we can help when we are there- not justvisit, but to help with various NGOs. We typically travel at holidys so the ones I work with - Compassion as an example, are pretty closed down due to the schools being closed. But there has to be other work we can help out with and work that is family friendly, so Bug can help too.

3.I like to have the opportunity to see PGN/minor;s court- without taking someone who might have reprecussions visited on them. Just to see the process and potential find out how to get the entire file from minors for my son's adoption.

Those are the big ones- but giving back is the most important out of all I have written. Many thanks,

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for your blog. I also have a son whom we adopted from Guatemala.

We, unfortunately, did not spend much time in Guatemala. During our adoption process, we went on our first "visit trip" and it was during the elections. There were a lot of guns and tensions. We were told not to leave our hotel. I ended up getting quite ill and ended up in the hospital. And sadly that was pretty much the end of the trip!

At the end of the adoption, circumstances were such that I needed to stay home. My husband traveled with his father to pick up our son. They did do a little shopping and went to the zoo this time, but no other traveling.

We tried to send a letter to our son's foster family and it was returned. I feel like we have lost all our Guatemalan connections. I would like to do the "tourist things" and the "real things". Someday I would also love to see the city and hospital where our son was born.