Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Felices Pascuas

Felices pascuas is another way to wish Merry Christmas and Pascua is also the name for this flower characteristic of this time of year in the tropical belt.
Pascua: Poinsettias.

Like Vivi said the Poinsettias grow year round in Guatemala I have seen bushes as high as 10 feet. When living in Kansas I kept my Poinsettias alive until Spring and the transplanted them to the yard hoping I could get some growth during the summer to then bring them back in fall but the experiment didn´t work. Maybe someone out there with a green thumb gives it a try and reports back.

The Poinsettias come in white, pink, spotted white and red. My mom has planted the white one in her yard in Guatemala but they always transform into red.

The pictures were taken at a nursery in the town of San Miguel Dueñas south west of Antingua and Ciduad Vieja.

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La Vivi said...

We had a ponsettia plant in our back yard ...that thing gave flowers all year long... hahaha!
(In Guatemala)