Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is a picture of Plaza España lit up for Christmas.

The hustory of the fountain at the center of this plaza told by my cousin Jorge, whose house I am at right now and where as I am blogging I am eating a delicious tamal is:

The fountain built in honor of Carlos III, circa 1773 was first in the central plaza of Guatemala city, identified as the place of public executions.

During the presidential period of Jose Maria Reyna Barrios the fountain was removed from that location and stored as you do any junk in your barn to later be found at the penitentiary in 1931 by Ernesto Vitteri and placed in its current location in a land donated by the Yurrita family.

This landmark was named Plazuela España until recently that the Spain Embassy petition that it be renamed Plaza Esapaña because Plazuela es pejorative, nevertheless it is still called by the majority of the people by its original name.

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Nancy said...

Hola amiga (siempre confundo la escritura de tu nombre, jajaja) Me he perdido de varios posts, todos muy buenos por lo que he leído.
Muy linda foto

Cathie said...

Love the picture.
I was wondering if you could tell us how your family celebrates Christmas in Guatemala. Im going to try and do tamales for our Christmas Eve celebration (fingers crossed).

Guatemalan Genes said...

I will, gladly. I do have to say you are in the right track since a telephone survey done to 400 people I am guessing not in rural areas show that more than 75.9% of Guatemalans will have tamales for Christmas while only 49.7% will put up a Christmas tree.

Keep me posted on the tamales, the trick is to never stop stirring the dough.

Lund7 said...

Beautiful! On another note....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! The items arrived the other day and Peter hasn't stopped shaking the toy since then!!!! The ornaments are so perfect on our Christmas tree. God bless you for your kindness! Would love to meet you in person some day soon!