Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ni fu, ni fa!

After 11 years of marriage, 7 years of them living in Guatemala, I can still surprise my husband with a new Guatemalan expression.

Yesterday while in the jacuzzi a song popped to my mind and  I started teaching it to my daughter. The funny thing is I can picture my mom singing this to me at the pool in a little house we used to rent by the beach when growing up. The song  goes Caramba, carambito, carambiruli! Caramba, carambito, carambirula! Cariño de verano no me gusta a mi. Cariño de verano no es ni fu ni fa.   (Caramba, carambiruli! Caramba, carambito, carambirula! I don't like summer love, summer love is nothing). Tom was curious, "Ni fu, ni fa?"

I would translate Ni fu, ni fa as it does nothing for me, I don't care for it or I don't hate it but I don't love either. If you ask me if I like peanut butter cookies I would answer: Ni fu, ni fa!


Anonymous said...

Jajaja i'm sorry but i can't write the English very well (Es asi??)

Saludos muy interesante su blog. Que bien que promueva la cultura chapina por la red.


Guatemalan Genes said...

Gracias! Vi su blog. Que buen diseño! Me quede detenida en las frases celebres y me gusto la de Paradoja de la Tecnología: “La tecnología nos acerca a los más lejanos y nos distancia de los más próximos” (Michele Norsa). Me agrada la primera parte y tendre que pocurar que no pase la segunda.