Friday, March 6, 2009

Guatemalan Rock

I just found another High School classmate in Facebook. It is fun to see what 20 years have done to us. This particular friend has followed his passion for music and is still doing gigs with rock bands (besides having a family and work life). --- I am updating this blog March 18th 2009 to say that I just saw my classmate playing with the opening band in the Concert of Santana last night in Guatemala--

That made think of writing a quick post with some of the most prominent rock bands of the last decade, many of which are still active, are touring and enjoy success.

Malacates Trebol Shop has toured Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Mexico and the US.

IN THE PICTURE: Viento en Contra  or Viento en Contra, an interesting fact is that one the band's members is the son of the current president. Now, to be fair it is important to say they achieved fame before that. (I am editing to say now there has been controversy on the funding for their new record :( )

All the previous ones are on the radio now but if you ask me the quintessential Guatemalan band is Alux Nahual.  They really were the ones that paved the road to Guatemalan rock and to the realization that our music can break our boundaries. They were revolutionary in many ways, they sang during the end of the war when young people had a lot say about the new Guatemala they wanted. I was lucky to be at a couple of their concerts, they were fabulous!

A few of their many hits are:

Alto al Fuego
Hombres de Maiz
Aqui esta mi tierra

Listen to them here

My personal favorite, is this "Dime que has olvidado", although it might not be the most representative of their style. It just reminds me of being a teenager in love with love! This video is a slideshow of the Alux Nahual song, sang by Viento en Contra.


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CrumbsandPixels said...

Todas muy buenas bandas pero falta 1. La mejor. Yttrium!

Viva el Rock Chapín!