Saturday, March 14, 2009

El Zoológico y la Mocosita (The Zoo)

The "Zoológico la Aurora" was inaugurated the 25th of December 1924 under the administration of José Maria Orellana, the president in the One Quetzal bill. During this time the animals saw better and worst times. In 1963 the Government turned the managment of the Zoo to the Guatemalan Association of Natural History and 1991 it underwent a major renovation. 
During my elementary years (before 1991) we had field trips to the zoo and I still remember the animals in cages of thick black iron bars. Today it is a different story, although still a modest size zoo, it is very well put together, animals are well taken care of, there are educational stations, there is a petting zoo,  there is a tea house that can be rented for events, etc. Most importantly it is an oasis of nature  in a city packed with cars an people. 

To be true to the spirit of my blog, this post couldn't be complete if I did not bring up "La Mocosita". La Mocosita was the indian elephant every kid from 1952 to 2008 grew up with. She got coverage every year of her birthday celebration plus other times, like when e a child threw a ball and the Mocosita swollowed it!  "Mocosita" by the ways means "little bugger". It could be despective if you call somebody mocoso or mocosa, but it can be sweet when you get called "mochocha pechoca" (something like my cute little bugger) like my mom would sometime  call me and how she does now with my kids: Alex is El Mococho Pechocho 1, Nicole is La Mococha Pechoca 2 and Megan is La Mococha Pechoca 3. 

Below is a picture of La Mocosita, the last time me saw her, she is with no doubt part of the Guatemalan culture.

The zoo is located near the airport is safe, inexpensive and accessible, learn more... Also Check out the  "Noche de Luna" at the Zoo (My parents took the girls and they loved it). The zoo is open for a nocturnal experience of the animal behavior, children are encouraged to bring flashlight cover with red  cellophane paper in order to not disturb the animals. 

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nancy said...

I'm happy to now know the name of the elephant at the Zoo in Guatemala City. I have taken photos of the "little bugger" a couple of times on trips to bring home some of our kids. I just looked through our youngest daughter's scrapbook and see that she was the one who took our last picture of this special feature of the zoo. She took a very nice photo, by the way. The zoo holds fond memories for us, as we visited with our two daughters on each of their pick up trips.
Nancy in the Midwest