Saturday, March 28, 2009


The girls and I are flying to Guatemala tomorrow and I have mixed emotions. I am excited about the projects I am involved in but sad because Alex and Tom are staying. I also must confess I am scared to go with the political climate as it is in Guatemala, but then again the more reason I feel committed to keep on contributing to my country through my work. I am of course always happy and blessed to be with my parents but worried about my mother in law who just went through the loss of my father in law and also her mom, I feel I need to be with her right now. We are, as you might recall, homeschooling this has allowed the flexibility to travel and cherish our culture but is preventing the girls from consistently being with their friends.
Of course it is all give and take. What I do know is that time will fly and that I plan to make it a big blogging opportunity, so please keep in touch.

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