Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Call Center and BPO Industry in Guatemala is growing and helping Guatemala´s economy like no other industry has and it is in great need of English speakers.

I often get asked, What is attractive about Guatemala for US companies?

1. Near-shoring vs off-shoring. How Call Center are selling Guatemala is by telling their potential clients in the US if you go to India it will take you a day to go, two days stay at minimum and a day to come back. If you have your business in Guatemala you can take a morning flight, come check out your operations, play a round of golf (year round) and be back to have dinner with your family!

2. Guatemalans accent. Americans are more used to a hispanic accent than, let´s say, an Indian accent, it probably makes them feel more at home.

3. All of you who know us, Guatemalans, know we are friendly and are naturally steered towards service.

4. Guatemala's young blood: the median age is 19.4 years vs the US 36.7 years. Young people are earning $7000.00 - $8,500 per year which is considered a good salary according to cost and cultural habits of living. (GDP per capita $5,200 - US$46,400). To put it in prospective the minimal monthly wage is $240.00 a month.


50+ Contact Centers including in-house
10,000 jobs created, half of them bilingual

There is a growing demand and the challenge now is to be able to find bilingual candidates, that is why the government has launched a scholarship program to improve the level of English to candidates that have and an intermediate level English to raise them to the hiring level.

To find out more about the scholarship go to http://www.ciav.com/pages/becas-call-center.php

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