Friday, May 28, 2010


One journalists and two other Guatemalans lost they lives at Pacaya volcano. Three children are still missing and thousands were evacuated. The was a seismic movemente at 3.00pm and the main eruption was at 6.55 pm the volcano shot two stream of lava about a mile high. The airport is closed to air traffic.

In the year 1998 was the last time this happen. That time Tom was waiting for me in Dallas I was to fly from Guatemala meet him and then we would fly to New York. Not satisfied to loose my trip to NY I had my father drive me to El Salvador were I took a plane to Dallas and met Tom in Dallas only one hour later than agreed. This time Tom is in LA with a scheduled flight to Guatemala tonight, we'll see if he makes it. Although after 13 years of marriage I already told him not to pull an El Salvador move because I am not driving, just come when you can!

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