Saturday, May 1, 2010

First of May, Labor Day.

Yesterday I read on the newspaper about the annual Labor Day demostration and coincidentally I had to teach a class nearby so even though I was a little nervous about how traffic was going to be, I decided to drive by to take some pictures.

The demonstration starts at the Labor Monument or as it is better known "El Munecon" (the hunk). El munecon is a muscular man lifting a stone. As a kid I remember driving by it an seeing it as such a big monument and as you can 'hardly' see in the picture, it isn't!

In the demonstration you can see the USAC students -all six of them- wearing their handkerchieves around their necks, students from public institutes, unions and of course the always present cotton candy vendors and tostadas ladies.

You can see in the pictures floats starting to line up. The demostration heads toward Constitution Plaza infront of the National Palace.
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