Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today we went to the Denver Art Museum, beside enjoying the day I was hoping to find some Guatemalan pieces so I could come and tell you all about them. Even though this is not a post about the collections at the DAM, I would not do justice if I didn't say I was impressed by the quality of the collection ( a Murillo, two Monets, 7 Picassos, various Matisses, 1 Boticelli, 1 Hicks, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, pieces from the Ottoman an Mughal empires, to name a few)

Around 4.3o we made it to the Pre Columbian Art. Even though I know most of the non private collections of Mayan artifacts are outside Guatemala I didn't expect to find too many pieces. Well, I was in for a surprise!

Here is what I found:

On the main area there were on display selected pieces from Mexico all the way south to Argentina and Chile; in the pictures below, the ones from Guatemala:

Incense pots

Masks and Figurines

Then I turned the corner and a room full of cases arrange by location overwhelmed me. Although I have seen Mayan pieces in most museums I have visited around the world it did surprised me vast collections in Denver of all places.

The moral of the story is visit your state or country art museum, you might have a lot of Guatemalan History closer to home than you think! (if you do, make sure to tell me about it)

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Lilysmom said...

WOW very very cool!!! Guatemala in Denver is fabulous!!