Thursday, August 1, 2019

Laguna de Ixpaco

The day we went to Laguna El Pino we had such a nice time with Nicole that we decided to extend out tour to another nearby lagoon: Laguna Ixpaco.
Coming from El Cerinal we took the road back to Guatemala and turn towards Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, you would recognize the turn by all the pineapple stands on the road. Just before town there is turn to the left to this laguna. It is a dirt road (a beautiful but scary dirt road if you have not been). We drove for some 20 minutes not knowing exactly what to expect and thinking if we get stopped there is not much we can do.

This lagoon is so particular because it is Sulfer with it hard boiled egg smell and dandruff control shampoo color. It is so because it is vein from the nearby Tecuamburro Volcano.

The last time I had been was about 35 years ago. I went with my parents to a fancy wedding in a coffee plantation somewhere around there because I remember driving by on the way out. Which made me think as we kept driving there must be another way to get to this place because for sure we where not off road so long then.

The pictures do no justice to how beautiful it is, the color is amazing and the feeling is as if you have stepped into a prehistorical movie, particularly because like almost all potentially touristic places in Guatemala there is nothing to remind you of the modern era (except for the plastic litter because there aren´t any trashcans either). At dinner we discussed about it, on one hand of course being so natural is great yet if not taken care and appreciated it slowly and silently gets ruined. With so much need for development in communities an eco tourism project ran by the locals would be great, like on the Dead  Sea were you can get in, get mud baths, there are showers, eating areas and such.

The Lagoon was on the news recently because what appear to be a crater started forming, here are two videos of hot bubbling substance on the lagoon shore.

We had a wonderful time admiring this nature´s wonder. We were debating weather to exit towards a main road  continuing the the dirt road we were on, but waze and maps showed the road interrupted.  My gut feel said there was a road, so we risked it  and I am glad we did.  It was no more than a 5 minute drive out to the main road towards Chiquimulilla. We exited right at kilometer 84. Now we know that the best way to get there is taking the road to El Salvador, turning  at el Boqueron  towards  Chiquimulilla and then making  a right turn on Km 84.

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