Monday, July 29, 2019

A divided and torn Guatemala

I don’t want to get too political so I will just tell a little real life moment from Saturday afternoon. I went to protest against the “cooperation agreement” signed between US and Guatemala, but the comical part, if you may, was that there were 3 protest going on the surroundings of the main plaza. Each one distinctively different on cause, ideology, and even the way each group was dressed.
The next day a newspaper confused the pics and causes to the disgust of a group.

Today I read an article on the Colombian winner of the tour the France and it was almost as the writer was describing Guatemala (minus the win).
We are so divided and there are so many congruent issues, feelings, causes. I quote here part of the article: “In our country it is normal that we have winter and summer the same day, sun and hail, shame and happiness, pain and joy up to the highest summit of our mountains”

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