Friday, August 9, 2019

Plaza Berlin

Plaza Berlin is located at the very south end of Avenida Las Americas, which is the prolongation of Avenida Reforma. When Guatemala city had grown to be merged with all its neighboring cities this was the furthest day trip south inside the city.

This Plaza was named after the city of Berlin and built jointly with the German Embassy in Guatemala. It has a wonderful view of Pacaya Volcano so it became a viewpoint where people would come eat tostadas, watch the sunset. As you can guess it was an is a favorite stop for couples in love. During the 90`s it became somewhat dangerous. Since it is tucked in behind the buildings of the area and has lots of trees people started often becoming subject of thefts and assaults. This has changed now with a renovation undertaken by the City. The project involved a renovation of the fountain and murals but also great landscape job, along with an outdoor gym and playground.

As it reads on the park´s sign:  “Berlin Square was constructed 1965, through joint planning between the Municipality of Guatemala City and The German Embassy. A concrete mural named Divided Berlin was placed in it, and in front of it a unique fountain made with mosaic brought from Venice.” 

During the restoration this new mural was incorporated. It reads peaceful coexistance. It is part of a larger iniciative that has the objective of recovering public spaces and making the safe and accesible for all.

In the year 2006, the monument Berlin for Liberty was erected, which is made up by three original sections of the Berlin Wall, that diveden Germany between 1961 and 1989... A fallen pieces was placed, symbolizing the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989. The tree pieces had original graffitis, which with time were lost. The current design was done by Guatemalan artis Daniela José Dávila Villa and symbolizes life, liberty, peace and respectful coexistance ideals shared by Germany and Guatemala and whose colors are represented in the mural painted by youngters.

This bear is the most recent addition, it is part of the  United Buddy Bear project. In the back Pacaya Volcano.

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