Monday, August 5, 2019

A Truck Load of Happiness

I was in traffic resigned to just drive and get to where I was going whenever I got there, and in that mode I saw this wonderful sight!

A truck load of happiness, about 1,000 balls?! 

You can picture construction workers playing their classic lunch break “chamusca”. How many happy goals? How many fun plays for only Q5.00 a ball?
You can picture dozens of kids running on dirt fields behind a plastic ball on recesses across Guatemala. How many exciting yells of Gooooooooooooooool?
The classic and always there in every corner store, the plastic ball.

They are multifuntional. It’s greatest day are felt and seen  of course on the feet of kids, but later you can see kids wearing them as helmets  (half a ball). The red ones are bought as  bulb shades hung on the outside of houses to indicate you can buy tamales there. A restaurant sell cocktails prepared with local liquor in balls with a straw. I have seen them as tree ornaments on town squares hanging from  trees.

The red ball on the door means Tamales are sold there.

I don’t think  there is one Guatemalan who has not held on of these (now Q5.00, during my childhood Q0.25) plastic balls.

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