Wednesday, June 1, 2016


The Transmetro  is Guatemala's city least expensive (Q1.00 with ulimited transfers), cleanest and safest public transportation, proof of that is that I am writing this post riding on it not worried about getting my phone stolen.

The transmetro is an exclusive lane bus with a coin collector at the entrance of ech station to pay. If you want to write you need a one Quetzal coin or stand there pretending that you are trying to find one with a fustrating face saying I know I have, one until someone (I have been that someone) offers to give you one. 

I go work once or twice a week by transmetro which gave me the idea of writing a series about traveling by transmetro in Guatemala city. I will call it "Eje Central Stories" since that is the line I mostly ride. I take from beginning to end: Hangares to Tipografía.

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