Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Colitas de Ratón

I was introduced to this wonderful place by my colleague Carol.

We went to Huehuetenango for work and had to go the next day to Quiché so she suggested we stop by this place for breakfast. I am not sure if Colitas de Ratón (mice tails) is the name or nick name. There is a Facebook place as Colitas de Raton La Cuchilla Sololá.

I have to make a comment that I took the long route I could have taken a more direct route Huehue-Quiché that I totally forgot it existed, but looking at this post and thinking about the flavor and experience I say it was worth it. So this place I have gone by many times but it is so tucked in that you have to know about it. Coming from Guatemala to Xela you pass Los Encuentros  then  you pass the turn to Solola and 50 meter after on the left at the foot of the footbridge there it is!

There is an area for some 15 cars you think its closed but it isn't, open the door come in and sit down.

You will be asked if you want coffee, the answer is yes and so you will get already sweetened coffee and sweet bread. Next question is small or big (one skewer or two of meet). As you can see in the picture they are roasted right on the fire.

To complement you meal you will get beans and tortillas.

Judging for the publicity poster on the wall I guess for lunch instead of with coffee you can order it with "a fifth" actually in Guatemala is an 8th (un octavo... Un octavo de Indita).


Tecuboy said...

Hola Cynthia,

Congratulation on your blog. I was reading Colitas de Raton and could not figure out what was being roasted in the fire. seems to be a nice place to stop for a bite just to see frijoles, tortillas coffee and pan.
Do you only write in English?

Guatemalan Genes said...

Hola! In this blog yes, only English but Spanish is my native tongue.