Friday, June 10, 2016


I don't know if I've written in a previous post that for two and a half year already I've been working at the office of the Guatemalan Ombudsman. I  have many things to write solely on the topic of being a public servant, I want to write about the difference between the public and private sector mindset, the difference on incentives, organizational culture, etc. I shall do that when I turn in my post.  Right now I have the privilege and responsibility of leading a the national team of human right educators/promoters and we have meetings every 3 months that we call ENCUENTROS. That is what I want to tell you about today.

In the last ENCUENTRO we reflected a little bit about that word and how it expresses so much more than a work meeting, it´s not just a session its also a reunion. It is a MEETING in the whole sense of the word people come from all departments of Guatemala: Petén, Huehuetenango, Juitapa, some from regional offices that are deep inside the heart of Guatemala like Ixcán. We set the place and time to MEET (this last time was in Zacapa) and one day before depending on the distance people star making the way to are place of ENCUENTRO.

As we start getting together, at different points of the way, to travel together the excitement starts building up, hugs, laughter, jokes but also take the opportunity to ask for advice on a subject or coordinate a project.

Finally we have all found each other there we are there at the ENCUENTRO. To let you in on how much more exciting it is, consider how multicultural Guatemala is.  This picture tell about it. Here is written by the participants the concept ENCUENTRO in 5 different Mayan Languages: Tz'utujil, Kaqchikel, Q'eqchi, Qanjobal and K'iche'

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