Friday, September 17, 2010


El Hombre Tecnológico, is the name of this sculpture by Guatemalan/Swiss sculptor Walter Peter Brunner

One day reading Luisfi´s blog I saw a picture of this sculpture and immediately  knew I had seen this somewhere. Well sure enough it is in the lobby of a building I visit because I do some business with people who have offices there. I thought, next time I go I will have to stop, admire and share. So here it is. 

The description of the sculpture in Walter Peter´s website reads:

Technological Man 
The Technological Man is personified by a human figure front, high-relief and partly in 
medium relief, holding in one hand the light of reason, of creative imagination, illuminating 
the world, humanity, symbolized by a crystal sphere, expressing the importance and power of 
technological development in the practical application of science. The Technological Man is 
going through a surface in a grid technology; upright with a look at the sky, expressing how 
the man manages to break barriers and paradigms through the unrestricted use of reason, in 
order to achieve great challenges: "Technology is not limits. " The finishing of the human 
figure is pure graphite, giving even more metallic look and technology. 
Resin and powder marble, graphite, fiberglass, steel and iron, Total height: 2.6m, sculpture: 1.50m, back 
surface: 2 m. It is located in the lobby of Technology Campus Building at Cuatro Grados Norte in Guatemala 
“Technology is an applied science, i.e., it translates the discoveries of theoretical science into 
practical application to man’s life. As such, technology is not the first step in the development 
of a given body of knowledge, but the last; it is not the most difficult step, but it is the 
ultimate step, the implicit purpose, of man’s quest for knowledge.” 
[“Apolo 11,”TO, Sept. 1969,9.] 

"Technology finds no barriers for man´s progress, when reason illuminates humanity."

If you know spanish you might enjoy the description written in Siglo XXI Newspaper by Karen Cancinos.

PS. I remember Walter Peter´s dad, Walter Peter K, with deep appreciation. He was my swimming teacher at the RITZ hotel 30 years ago! Legend has it he was so fit because he ran up the Pacaya volcano everyday for his daily training.

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