Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Two weeks ago we were driving to a meeting with the people of Compassion. It was raining outside and from our car window we saw this little girl watching the trash flow on a stream of water,  no shoes, no mom to tell her to come in from the rain, cars zooming by on the way to work. It has taken a while to wrap my head around this image, unfortunately not a rare image in Guatemala.

At the language school I work we have an in company program with the Guatemala Compassion Chapter and it then happened that a reader asked me permission to post a compassion fundraiser in the Guatemalan Genes Facebook. I realized it was the same organization we were talking about and it sparked my interest, we are figuring out ways that we can provide scholarships to children through Compassion. I am thrilled about being introduced to this ministry and I am happy to endorse it.

Below are some links to the blogging trip made to Guatemala you can find a lot of information there and perhaps decide to sponsor a child in Guatemala!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this image. I will save it to remind me why I am doing what I do.