Tuesday, September 21, 2010


First let me say this picture does zero justice to how exquisite this plate is.

If you have to associate a dish with Livingston and Puerto Barrios, Izabal it would have to be this: TAPADO.  Tapao is a Garifuna dish. Its main ingredients are, seafood, coconut milk and plantain. We had this Tapado at Restaurante Safari in Puerto Barrios while watching the World Cup 2010 Final (Spain-Netherlands)
Pier at Restaurante Safari, Puerto Barrios. You can see on the horizon a vessel coming into the Port.

Here is a recipe I found for this very traditional Guatemalan Garifuna dish. I would change banana for plantain and also add crab.

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Pablo said...

Yo te recomendaría también el restaurante "Antojitos Doña María" en Puerto Barrios. Tiene una carta increíblemente extensa, y muy buenos platos, aunque el lugar no sea tan escénico como Safari.