Monday, January 4, 2010


Liking Mango Verde con Pepita (green -not ripe- mango with pepita) is probably one of those things that make you a Guatemalan, right up there next to the beans. Pepita o pepitoria is grained pumpkin seed.

Mangos green and ripe are commonly sold on fruit street carts and served in a plastic bag with pepitoria, salt, lemon and chile if you so desire. The sanitary standards are questionable.

Yesterday at the mall I decided to try a new food stand that is taking the street cart to a new level. They are selling selling fruit and vegetables with pepitoria in a clean and attractive way. I got this this very chapin snack for Q15.00 a cup.

You might be able to get pepita or pepitoria at your local hispanic market. The taste between country of origin will vary according to the type of pumpkin used. Mexicans usually sell a blend of pepitoria, salt and chile with a similar taste.

Try it with apples, oranges, or cucumbers. I always add lemon.

You can buy pepita in the US, here.


Gardenia said...

hello. thanks for "following" me. i follow you too. happy birthday to Alex. I really enjoyed your post, on how you were trying to remember what you were doing on the day he was born.

Susan said...

Wow, you made my mouth water. I only ever had the mango verde with salt. Do you know if mango verde is available in the states?

La Vivi said...

OMG!! just like GuateMom I was salivating since I saw the pic. It got worse when I read the post.
GuateMom, I live in Southen CA (LA Co) you see them all the time. But my friend in NY says she has seen them in the Summer in Mexican & Central American Communities.

Adina said...

I especially like the ripe mango variety... mmmmmmmm!

Unknown said...

I'm from Guatemala but I'm currently living in NJ. I love pepitoria. I use it on salads, vegetables, fruits etc. I have a website that offers different products from Guatemala such as pepitoria o pepita, champurradas, conchas, chocolate, huipiles, etc.
Here is the link: (
Please visit it, I know you'll like it.
Amanda T

Guatemalan Genes said...

Thanks Amanda, I already included your link to the post!

Unknown said...

Wow! Me dejaste con antojos de mango! Thanks for sharing this; great good memories of home! Saludos from Canadá:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, i wanna know where i can buy the pepita in california?

Unknown said...

Yes it is, Erickson farmers in Florida will ship them within the states (except CA & AZ)