Sunday, January 3, 2010


Alex was born in Guatemala. He was born a cold, maybe warm or maybe just cool day Wednesday January 3rd 1990.

Tom and I wish we could remember what were we exactly doing that day. I know that if I did I would be able to find “something supernatural” that happened. A gust of wind, a chill up the spine, an unexplained calling voice, just when our son was being born.

Today is Alex's 20th birthday and the first one in 14 years we will not spend together.

¡Feliz cumpleños y que cumplas muchos más en los que podamos verte crecer a ser todo lo que tú anheles ser, disfrutando todo lo que Dios tiene para ti!

The picture was taken in Colorado at the El Dorado Springs, July 2009.


Spudsnsalsa said...

Happy Birthday to Alex!!! Thought I'd like it when my two were independent but your wistful post has me wondering now.
Off topic, my Mari and I are searching for several siblings also placed for adoption in their very late teens/early twenties. Any groups you guys belong/belonged to with adoptees that age? We've found the birth family near Tiquisate but only one of the five placed siblings to date.

Cathie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

La Vivi said...


You guys raised a good son...

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!