Saturday, August 8, 2009


This blog is mostly about Guatemala, but since las week was the celebration of "Fiestas Agostinas", a time when many Salvadoreans come to Guatemala for vacation, it was a good excuse to respond to one of my readers petition to write once in a while about El Salvador (her adopted child was born in Guatemala to a Salvadorean family)

San Salvador is named, for the Savior of the World. If you visit San Salvador you have to make sure to drive by one of the city´s most important and oldest monument: El Salvador del Mundo. The landmark is an obelisk in a busy rotunda. At the top of the obelisk a globe of the world and on top of it the figure of Jesus Christ the Savior.

I am usually drive by it becuase I am forever taken by the church that is exactly four blocks to the North of the Monument: the church of San Jose de la Montaña. The church has in the outside the most charming mosaic of Saint Joseph with his adoptive son. Baby Jesus is rubbing his eyes as children do when they are fighting to go to sleep.


Mama Bear said...

How beautiful. We would love to go visit there some day. Thanks for posting about this beautiful Country.

Arena Mom said...

Oh, thank you so much!!! I appreciate you doing this! What beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for a glimpse inside El Salvador!!! I just love your blog!

~Isabel said...

How stunning. I must put El Salvador on my list of simply looks stunning.

Roberto Farfán said...

It is really an small country full of wonders!!