Sunday, August 30, 2009

ALL WITH IN A BLOCK -everyday snapshots-

A series of pictures I took while going round a block (literally) on the way to work. These are the types of scenes my eyes catch when I have been on the States for a while and that stop jumping out at me once I have been in Guatemala for some time...

A truck loaded to go set shop at the market

People running madly for their lives trying to catch the bus or cross the street.

A "tienda" were you can but a soda on a bag, one cigarette, one piece of gum, etc.

A taylor shop. For Q10.00 you can get a seam done.

Trash set on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up.

A car parked with a plastic for a window

A works man cafeteria, where one can have in the morning a licuado de frutas and a pan con frijoles for probably a $1.00. For lunch you can get a $1.50 lunch complete with meet, rice, vegetables and tortillas.

Guatemala a country of contrasts, just take a look at places I have taken you in this blog: like this one or this one.

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Mama Bear said...

I soooo love your blog and I love when the girls and I can sit down and talk about all the pictures in "gotmala"!!