Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is a very short post and lacking charm, in terms of the quality of the pictures. We all either forgot our camera or had it with no battery! The few pictures I have are taken with the phone. (good pictures here)

This procession is from the church of Santa Teresa in Guatemala City.

On the picture below you see on the left side the Presidential Palace (Palacio Nacional). Then if you look closely you can see rows of cars parked on the processional route, on both sides of the street. With the people waiting for the procession we were wondering what cars were doing there. Apparently EMETRA didn't make it in time to enforce  the no parking zone. This is the first time I see something like this, fortunately this float is on the smaller size, unlike in other cases like this one.

The image of Jesus Nazareno del Rescate (of the Rescue) The name comes from a story that says that the nuns when they were relocated from Antigua Guatemala to the actual city, they had to take to a pawn shop and later made big efforts to rescue him back to the church. the image is attributed to Mateo Zuñiga en the later 17th Century.

Another difference is that Saint John and Mary Magdalene are on wheels and come behind the Virgin Mary.

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