Sunday, April 5, 2009


The procession of the consacreted image of "Jesus de las Palmas" (Jesus of the Palms) is unique in its kind. The cortage parades on Palm Sunday leaving the church at 6.00am and enters at noon. 

We woke up at 5.00 to leave the house at 5.30 and be able to see "Jesús de la Borriquita" at 6.00 am. We got there on time hoping to find a parking lot but had to leave the car on the street being watched by one of the characteristic "car watchers" who take possession of a block and charge you to park on "their" block.

When we got there the 12 apostles had already come out but Jesus was still in the church. That gave us time to watch all the hustle and bustle that goes on outside the church.

A great number of people gather to see the procession come out.

The cortege participants who carry the standards, ensigns and lead the way are dressed in colorful palestinian like  robes.

The solemn egress of the procession is announce by boastful mortars. 

On the atrium of the church is taken by all the palm sellers. 

With palm leaves, flowers and now also adorned with crosses and cucuruchos they weave and create beautiful an aromatic bunches that can be purchased for Q5.00 to Q10.00.

This cute kid an his mom had were crafting and selling palm bunches. I asked him to pose with the one he created for us. He goes to school and helps his mom on weekends and Holidays. I asked what else would they sell during the Semana Santa and they said that Thursday they would be there selling candles for the tradition of the "Visita de Sagrarios".

This year Jesus had on his lap a child, we loved it!

People throw rose petals and palm bunches to the passing by procession.

The image of Jesus de la Palmas was created by Raymundo Vielman and Manuel Barillas Castilla. The donkey is crafted by Francisco Masaya

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