Sunday, September 13, 2009


Driving from Guatemala city to Mazatenango, Retalhulehu, or to Mexico you go by the intersection that takes you to the town of Cocales. I have never actually turned into the town but the intersection is a well know landmark. There, buses and cars stop to pick people up and/or get a coco on the side of the road. You can get the pierced coconut with a straw, a peeled coconut to not only drink the water but also eat the meat, and you can also buy small coconut palm trees.
I find it pretty picturesque that the names of the town depicts so well the commercial activity, coco meaning coconut and cocales implying coconut palm tree.

Cocales google map


La Vivi said...

Hi Cynthia, you wont belive this but yesterday I was watching a show called "Hecho en Guatemala", the guy was traveling fron Guate to Pana, he stopped at "El Tejar",they didn't show the making of (tejas) roof tiles, but they showed the process o making bricks.
And today you showed me "Cocales", (good memories), thank you.

Mama Bear said...

Awesome, never ever heard of it before. Our youngest daughter was born in Mazatenango and we hope to get back soon to visit.

Nancy said...

Una parada obligada.