Saturday, July 13, 2013

Talpas - Fruit

Walking out of the public school we were training in Asuncion Mita, Jutiapa, there she was the Talpa vendor!
I had never seen this fruit that was presented to us as a Salvadorean fruit, sometimes refered as mamones.

No surprise, I started inquiring about it. It is sold peeled in a bag of about 6 talpas, seasoned with gorund pumkin seed, salt, powder chicken broth (I know) and lime. Q2.00 a bag (25 US cents)

Talking with our vendor she told us she opens the fruit with a knife because the public health office trains the vendors every year on sanitary measures and for her one is no to open them using her fingernails.

It has the consistency of an offspring of a grape that married a jocote!! Big seed in the middle and juicy but more meaty.